September is Camino High Season!

September is Camino High Season!

Welcome to the bustling High Camino Season in September!

At this time of year, we at ‘Stap die Camino’ are abuzz with activity, assisting twelve groups along various picturesque routes, each day witnessing the departure of more enthusiastic pilgrims. The charming city of Santiago de Compostela has become a daily destination for a remarkable number of pilgrims. On this beautiful day, September 17, 2023, an impressive 2108 pilgrims were elated to receive their coveted Compostela at the Pilgrim’s Reception Office, which is expertly managed by the Cathedral of Santiago.

In the Archdiocese of Santiago de Compostela, this office serves as the destination to obtain the cherished final stamp on your ‘credenciales de peregrino’ (pilgrim’s credentials). It’s also where you will be presented with the traditional pilgrimage certificate known as the ‘Compostela.’

Before embarking on your remarkable Camino journey, we recommend taking a moment to acquaint yourself with the process of receiving your well-earned Compostela. You can find more information on the official website of the Pilgrim’s Office:

With over 2000 pilgrims eager to collect their Compostelas on any given day, the process can be quite overwhelming! To streamline your experience, we encourage you to pre-register online, a step that will save you valuable time.

Upon your arrival in Santiago de Compostela, make your way to the Pilgrim’s Office, conveniently located at Rúa das Carretas, 33. Request your turn, then patiently await your moment to approach the counter with your Credential in hand, finally receiving your well-deserved Compostela!”

I’m eagerly setting off on Tuesday, September 19th, for a highly anticipated adventure to discover the Via Podiensis in France. I’ll be joined by seven fellow pilgrims as we embark on our journey, commencing our pilgrimage in the picturesque town of Le-Puy-En-Velay. Our path will lead us towards Spain, eventually connecting with the renowned Camino Francés in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port.”

Simultaneously, Erns Grunling is making his way to Santiago along the scenic Camino Portuguese, accompanied by nine fellow pilgrims. Another spirited group of ten enthusiastic pilgrims, known as the ‘Sun Catcher’, is embarking on the unique journey of the Camino Finisterre in reverse, commencing their pilgrimage in Muxia with the aim of arriving in Santiago on October 3rd!

So watch this space. Many exciting stories, testimonies, pictures and tips will follow soon.

Buen Camino everyone!

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